Thursday, 7 November 2013


Well hi there, I'm Sarah and welcome to Lola and White. Before anyone asks (and at this point I don't think anyone will) I don't know where the name of this blog came from - especially the 'Lola' portion. But I can tell you that the 'white' portion came from looking at my white curtains which where slightly (and I use the word slightly quite loosely) reminiscent of the ethereal blowing drapes in Baz Luhrman's film 'The Great Gatsby' - all I'm missing is the great mansion in which it is set, my own Gatsby and oh Daisy running through them. Well that was an extraordinarily long sentence.

The Great Gatsby Set

 And another of the The Great Gatsby set…oh wait no sorry, my room.

But anyway…now that I have graduated and high school has officially ceased (forever!) I have the freedom to what I please…like start a blog. I have been thinking of starting a style/lifestyle blog for a while now and I have finally clicked the 'create' button in blogspot…so here we are.

The majority of my posts will be dedicated to showing you my outfits etc although I will be slipping in the small DIY or ramble here and there. I am nervous to start this but very excited, so stick around and come for the ride!

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