Saturday, 8 February 2014

Work of the Gods…The Valentino Gavarino Rockstud Shoe…and I know I'm a Few Years Late

Ok, so lets just all bask in the glory of the Valentino Gavarino Rockstud shoe. And yes, I am aware that these came into the sphere of bloggers and street style savants everywhere many a times ago.

Ok, so now thats done, can I just say how much I adore these shoe and want it to be apart of my life. But alas, a 17 year olds salary from her local kiosk will not suffice. So after being in denial for one two many months I went on the hunt for my own Valentino Rockstud dupe.

This was no easy challenge, I looked on the internet but I was hesitant to buy since I have the shoe size of a mammoth. I was about to give up when I strolled over to the shelf at my local Sportsgirl, and there they were, waiting for me. in my size and my preferred colour. Someone is really watching out for me out there.

So here are mine, although they do not look identical they still share the same concept and look great dressed up or down.

Sarah xo

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